Monday, 18 July 2011

Light Year

Hey guys. This song was randomly passed onto me by a good friend of mine. It was very different  from what I normally like but this song was in my opinion just insane. The strange 'phone sound' made it for me and I love it. So It isn't Dubstep but it is still awesome! Hope you guys enjoy!

Light year - Five Girls

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Hey guys again! bring you some more Dubstep! these guys are one of the more famous DJ's and I personally love em'. I stumbled across this song the other day and I have been playing it tons ever since. Now I know it has tons of views so you guys might have seen/heard it before but I still thought I would share it with those unfortunate enough to have not seen it! It's called Me & You. It has a pretty sweet Indie video I recon. And as usual, I hope you enjoy!

Nero - Me & You